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The sea is vast with its vastness and Nabaichuan; the mountain is dominated by its heavy and vicissitudes. We are pursuing excellence and achieving the spirit of leap-forward development based on the richness of the mountains, the extensiveness of the sea, the integrity, pragmatic quality, dedication and innovation. We are striving to achieve a century-old enterprise and steadily develop for 20 years. The goal is to go to the inner and outer walls of the motherland, the north and the south, to fight the market, to embrace a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow.

In the past few years, we have made great efforts to create a new world. We base ourselves on the basic point of “not entering the market”, insisting on the development strategy of “maintaining independent innovation, mastering core technology, comprehensively replacing imports, and stabilizing the military international”, adhering to the “reputation as life and products as Pioneering, relying on quality, service as guarantee, price as leverage, profit-centered marketing philosophy, through persistent technical research and consistent quality management, formed a dynamic air bearing technology The core business system, which is supported by high-speed fluid machinery products and featuring energy-saving solutions, has built a complete business chain of “solution development – complete machine supply – installation and commissioning – accessory service”. With a strong belief and perseverance, we established the product reputation and corporate image of Hebei Kingston Technology Co. Ltd., and created a beautiful and charming landscape in China.

We are willing to make friends in the world with the same simplicity as the mountains and the sea, and we are more willing to share our hearts with friends, love each other, and walk hand in hand to the glorious future of the modernization of the motherland!